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    Here is your chance to get an email address that is independent of your ISP, is unquie
    and highlights the great place we live in.

    You can choose anyname such as or
    Get in early before the best names are taken.

    There are two options 

    1. POP3 Account - All messages are saved on the mail server and you access your email using your normal email client such as Netscape or Explorer. Costs $3/month

    2. Redirection - All email sent to <yourname> is redirected to your existing email account. 
    Costs only  $12/YEAR
   Sub Domain Name & Web Site Hosting 

    Here is a great way to save money on your  own domain name and host your Web Site.
    Your domain or Web Site Name would be <>. 

    From $10 month, you can have your own subdomain name and host your Site on our server.
    You get full access secure access via ftp to update your site. 

    An example could be for a Bed & breakfast site such as then your web sites address would be

    If you are thinking of setting up a Web Site give me a call and we can discuss all the options.  The above option is by far the cheapest available. 

Email Graham Grocott at
Address PO BOX 98,     Bundeena Sydney, NSW 2230. Australia